Monday, July 26, 2010

New Issue of Good Bird Magazine Available

The latest issue of Good Bird Magazine (summer 2010 Vol 6 Issue 2) is now available at this link.

Articles include:

Tubby or Trim? Body Score Reference Chart
Addressing Exploratory Biting
Training Your Parrot to Step Up onto New People
Training a Reluctant Macaw to Crate
Best Parrot Shows on Earth - Discover Tikal, Guatemala
Quietly Communicating with Your Parrot

I also wanted to remind everyone that as of the Spring 2010 issue Good Bird Magazine is now a digital publication. We are no longer offering the print version. However the new format includes video, audio, searchability and so much more. It far exceeds what we could accomplish with print. You can take a test drive of the new features at this link.

In addition by the end of 2010 the magazine will also be compatible with most popular ereaders for portability. Subscribers also get access to members only areas with additional benefits. Learn more about the Good Bird Magazine Subscription and WingNutz membership here.

Enjoy! (Especially the video clips! They are awesome.) Visit this link to subscribe and get access to the latest issue and a bunch of additional perks.

Barbara Heidenreich