Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Parrot Training Information in Different Languages

I have long said if I get hit by a bus tomorrow, it will be OK. I have had a pretty good ride. One of the cool things I get to do is travel around the world to teach people about parrot training and behavior. Not a bad gig if I do say so myself.

Traveling a bunch means trying to find a way to communicate with many different parrot people of many different nationalities. I wish I was proficient at several languages, but I am afraid English and enough Spanish to be dropped in the middle of Mexico are about it.

Fortunately there are some very kind people out there who have generously translated my writings. Here are two that have been translated to Russian. How cool it that?

Wow. That Bird Sure Can Scream! In Russian
My Bird is Afraid of Everything in Russian

I also have some translated articles on parrot training in magazines in the following countries:

The Netherlands

My first book Good Bird! A Guide to Solving Behavior Problems in Companion Parrots was recently published in Spanish

And The Parrot Problem Solver is soon going to be released in Japanese. Woohoo!

I am really floored, honored and so very happy people are finding these resources helpful in other countries. It really is a nice big warm fuzzy to think something you do may help people and their parrots around the world.

It is not as fabulous as having a real live person translate something, but I did add a google translator to my blog. It is on the right hand side under by bio. It is not perfect but it can help give the idea of what is going on in my writings. I hope it helps foster this global growth of the positive reinforcement approach to working with parrots.

Barbara Heidenreich
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Sid Price - Avian Ambassadors said...

buonissimo Barbara!
Great work,

Jessie said...

I wish my cockatoo could scream in Russian. That would be interesting :)