Saturday, November 7, 2009

This Parrot is Gonna Be a Talker!

Wrigley the double yellow headed amazon was quite entertaining last night. He is certainly starting to stretch his vocal abilities. He is mostly just producing sounds at this point, but every once in a while says "good bird", "hi", "hello" and does a little aria. He seems to be trying to copy the sounds my yellow naped amazon Delbert makes...including "Hi Delbert!"

I just had to share a video clip as I find it fascinating watching him develop his vocabulary....and he is pretty cute too.

Barbara Heidenreich
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Spyrlshape said...

pretty amazing!! my 2 year old Jardine's is always teaching himself new words and sounds. i'm in awe sometimes of the things that come out of his beak. =)

Spyrlshape said...

Absolutely amazing! My 2 year old Jardine's is always teaching himself new words and sounds and i find it fascinating to see what's going to come out of his beak next. =)

Mike Bishop said...

Our Derbyan parakeet, Sadie, is not quite a year old yet and sounds just like Wrigley. In the morning, around 11:00 and again in the evening she runs through her inventory of "human sounds". You can tell she is experimenting with the different word and word parts she is hearing. She has just recently learned to say "how are you doing" and it is fun to listen to her as she experiments with different parts of the phrase. She especially likes to say "doing". Observing the process is the coolest thing.