Sunday, January 23, 2011

Best Talking Parrot Contest Winners!

The contest is over and the winners have been selected. It was indeed a difficult decision. There were over 175 videos entered and yes I watched every single one…several times : ) I have to admit this contest turned out to be more fun than I could have imagined. I was laughing to the point of tears on several occasions, but the most rewarding part was watching so many people enjoying their parrots. The good news is we plan to keep the site up. Although we will change the text about the contest, people can continue to share their special parrots at One viewer pointed out that they enjoyed being able to view so many talking parrot clips at one location. I agree.

Onto the winners! This contest included an amateur and professional parrot category. Our professional parrot category only had one entry. Therefore Clover the Congo African Grey parrot from Turkey takes the prize in this category. The amateur category had lots of competition. We let your votes decide and the front runner when it came to votes was Mishka the Congo African Grey parrot. Mishka resides in South Africa and carries a lovely accent as he announces “He would like to go to the bathroom.” Congratulations to our top prize winners. They will receive a gift certificate to Good Bird Inc products, prizes provided by KAYTEE and five free signed copies of the soon to be released “Train Your Parrot To Talk” DVD/CDROM.

In addition to Mishka and Clover, there were a number of other notable entries. The following parrots and their families will receive three signed copies of the “Train Your Parrot To Talk” DVD/CDROM.

Ariel the Panama Amazon Parrot

Bibi the Congo African Grey Parrot

Bongo the Congo African Grey Parrot

Bowie the Indian Ring Necked Parakeet

Casey the Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot

Disco the Budgerigar

Einstein the Talking Texan African Grey Parrot

Emma the African Grey Parrot

Freddie the Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot

Kona the Green Winged Macaw

Koolaid the Parrotlet

Ozzy the African Grey Parrot

Pluto the Quaker Parrot

Ray the Blue and Gold Macaw

Sunny the Cockatiel

Poly the African Grey Parrot

I hope you enjoyed our talking parrot contest. The new DVD/CDROM “Train Your Parrot to Talk” should be in stock mid February 2011. Just sign up for our mailing list on the top right hand side of this page to be notified or visit this link to purchase it shortly.

Barbara Heidenreich
Copyright 2011 Good Bird Inc


Unknown said...

OMG I am still in shock, Mishka winning, it is so awesome. I still can't believe it
Thank you to everyone who voted, for Mishka, and all the other wonderful birds.
Congrats Barbara, you have done yourself proud. Bringing so many bird lovers to one place. So many different bird species to view. Each and every bird, had something so special to offer
By being a participant in this fantastic competition, I have many new "Birdie Friends"
I will treasure this moment for the rest of my life
Well done to your team, a job well executed.
Kindest regards

Unknown said...

All the birds were wonderful.
I am a member of Einstein's fan club and really look forward to his emails. He is like a therapist to me.

Firma contabilitate said...

Hi. Congrats to Mishka! He is the only parrot I heard making sentences that long. He is adorable.

Linky said...

Mishka, the winner, was not born to talk and would have been exactly the same as all other AG's, the difference here is his mother. The time and dedication that Antoinette puts in is applaudable and should be broadcast across the world. Antoinette spends hours a day teaching Mishka, repeating sentences, making dvds for him and it is all done with the greatest love and patiences. Every parrot owner should learn from Antoinette and Miskha because a better example will not be found.

Anonymous said...

I just do not know how Mishka mom trained him to speak so clearly and in long long sentences. I wish someone would help me do the same thing with my grey. What is the secret??

Unknown said...

Thank you Barbara for hosting the contest.
I am totally amazed by Mishka and Antoinette. I would love to actually see how Antoinette works with Mishka. I think watching her would be very educational to all.

Thank you again for the contest.

Barbara Heidenreich said...

The new DVD will show you how to do it : )

Von said...

Congratulations Antoinette and Mishka!

How talented you both are!

I am especially glad you won because not only imo is Mishka the most talented, you have been inspiration to many.

It is so apparent from the video's that Mishka enjoys talking so much and this is such a huge part of his success. He is a healthy, happy bird!

Many congrats again!

Anonymous said...

Will Mishka and Antoinette be in the dvd or are you going to explain Antoinette's method?

Barbara Heidenreich said...

What you will find in the DVD is an extremely comprehensive approach to training parrots to talk based upon my 20 plus years experience as a professional bird trainer. Antoinette entered Mishka in the contest that was created to allow others to share the audio of their parrots talking on a CD ROM that is a part of the DVD. Mishka is on that CD ROM. The CD ROM can be an important tool in the process. The DVD explains this as well as numerous other factors that contribute to the training of a great talking parrot.

Barbara Heidenreich said...

Here is a message shared with permission from pro division winner Sharon Savage Yildiz.

Hi Barbara,

I'm the winner of the pro division of the Best Talking Parrot contest. I wanted to thank you again for sending all the great books and DVDs from Good Bird Inc.!

I also wanted to let you know that the other half of the prizes arrived FedEx from Kaytee yesterday. I couldn't believe it--about 2 years worth of wonderful food and treats. They sent 6 boxes of every type of Nature's Benefits parrot food & treats. There were two cases totalling nearly 30 pounds! Our freezer and fridge are filled to bursting, but you won't hear me complaining. :-) It is sooo hard to find quality parrot food here. Nothing but millet or 100% sunflower seeds.

In the past, I've made mash, sprouted seeds, fed table food, and ordered another brand of organic food from the U.S. Each time, it took a while to switch Clover to the new food. With this Nature's Benefits, she was eating it within 10 minutes--in fact pigging out on it! She also loves all the treats except the greens, which I plan to sneak into her yogurt...

I had seen Kaytee in the stores before I ever owned a parrot or moved to Istanbul. I have to say that my impression was that it was colorful "junk food." Now that I've seen the Nature's Benefits food in person and carefully read the labels, I am very impressed with the natural, wholesome and varied ingredients. Thanks to you, the contest and Kaytee for introducing me and Clover to her yummy and healthy new diet!

Barbara Heidenreich said...

I received this note from Mishka's mom Antoinette to share here.

"Did I have a wonderful surprise a few days ago, when returning home.
There was this humongous box, addressed to me. It was from the sponsor KAYTEE. Due to the restrictions of bird food being shipped to South Africa, and the cage being so small, the toys way too small for Mishka, KAYTEE had invited me to choose something more suitable for Mishka, from their company Superpet, I choose the EZ Care T-Stand medium.
What a fun time Steven, Sean and myself had assembling it. Within 20minutes it was built.

Mishka stood by, watching the entire stand being assembled. He was extremely curious.

KAYTEE were so generous, I choose the EZ Care T-Stand,medium,they sent the large one, oh my goodness it is so big, the same height as my wall unit, and has wheels, which is awesome.

Within 3 days, Mishka felt quite a home, he refused to go play on his playpen, for a few days, preferring the stand. He now has his dinner on it, as well as a few of his training sessions.
He talks continuously on the stand a 24/7 chatterbox.

Thank you KAYTEE
Mishka and myself appreciate your gift.

Unknown said...

Thank you Barbara, (Good Bird Inc.) for all the books and DVDs.
As I mentioned to Barbara in one of my first e-mails, I would donate most of the prizes to a rescue centre here in South Africa. I have kept the stand for training Mishka. The rest of the prizes will be handed over on Monday to a very deserving rescue centre, who will appreciate the book and DvD's.

Take care