Monday, May 28, 2012

Barbara Heidenreich Radio Interview - Listen to the Archived Show

I recently was a guest on the Tom Anderson Radio show on KOAN Fox news radio in Anchorage, Alaska. Tom was kind enough to send the audio from this show sans commercials! For some reason the callers audio is a bit funky, but still understandable. For more on the capybara I mentioned visit For more resources on parrot behavior problems visit my FAQ page. Enjoy!

Barbara Heidenreich
Copyright 2012

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Barbara, I enjoyed listening to the program. I had gotten the link for that evening but had other plans.
I have Muluccan Cockatoos male/39 had 5yrd,and a female/35 had 4mos. They have been mating but no eggs. They are in separate cages and supervised when out. I was told she had never layed eggs. Is it possible she won't?
Sincerely Rhonda, San Jose.CA