Saturday, April 5, 2014

Answers for Parrot Behavior Problems

Barbara answering questions about parrot behavior via Skype
Recently Dr Susan Clubb and Terry Timberlake organized a great bash for parrot enthusiasts called The Rainforest Parrot Party. It was held in Florida and well attended by 400 parrot loving people. I was invited to participate too. But due to living 1000+ miles away, I had to attend virtually via Skype.


I answered questions about parrot behavior problems submitted by attendees.

I videotaped the entire session so that I could also share it with you!

Topics covered included:

How to create motivation for food treats
What to do if a parrot is bonded to one person and showing aggressive behavior to everyone else
What to do if a parrot tries to bite when you clean the cage
What to do if a parrot bites when being returned to the cage
How to train a parrot to be comfortable with nail trims and towel restraint
What to do about screaming for attention
Training a parrot who will only poop in a basket to poop in his cage.
Do parrots make good pets?
Resources to help address feather damaging behavio


You can watch the clip below or here is the YouTube link. 



Enjoy! Feel free to share the link with your friends, colleagues or clients. 
Barbara Heidenreich
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