Friday, August 3, 2012

Paintings by Blu Lu Macaw Raffle Winners!

Blu Lu the blue throated macaw is an avian artist and ambassador for the parrot conservation organization The Bird Endowment. She has created 15 original pieces featuring her version of our favorite companion parrot species. The paintings are being raffled off via the Chirping Central Conservation fund. All money raised is going to help blue-throated macaws in the wild via the Bird Endowment. The video clip below shows Blu Lu picking the winners of all but the top three sellers. Watch the clip to see if you won! Spoiler alert: If you would rather just skip to the winners names, they are posted at the end of the blog.

Don't forget the three favorites paintings have not been raffled off just yet. The winners for those three paintings will be drawn at the American Federation of Aviculture Convention August 15-18, 2012. The top three still available are as follows:

1. Blue-throated macaw
2. African grey
3. Moluccan cockatoo

You can buy your tickets on line at Chirping Central or in person at the AFA conference in San Antonio. Good luck and thank you for supporting a great conservation project! Here is a final peek at the last three paintings.
Blue Throated Macaw
African Grey Parrot

Moluccan Cockatoo
Winners so far.....

Peach-faced lovebird: Kim Witalis
Rose breasted cockatoo: Paula Rossow
Caique: Tina Arnsten
Scarlet macaw: Pamela Price
Senegal parrot: Juli Sands
Sulphur-crested cockatoo: Jamie Whittaker
Female Eclectus: Rebecca Ross
Sun conure: Christine Haskell
Quaker: Amanda Wilcox
Male Eclectus: Lisa Johnson
Blue-fronted Amazon: Kathleen Koestler
Green-winged macaw: Bill Christian

Barbara Heidenreich


Jamie said...

ThanksBarbara! And thanks Blu Lu - your art is magnificent. See you at

Anonymous said...

Thanks Blu Lu for drawing my name fot the beautiful art work. Barbara, I'll pick up the Green Wing painting at AFA if possible? Thanks Bill Christian

Barbara Heidenreich said...

That would be perfect Bill. See you then.

Ruby Claire said...

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